Frequently Asked Questions


Is this some sort of political or religious statement?

Ummm... No! The Buffalo Santa Pub Crawl is a non-denominational, non- commercial, non-political and non-sensical gathering of people to spread holiday cheer, have fun, and raise money for a great charity!

What Is The Buffalo Santa Pub Crawl?

Well it is a tradition whose origins are steeped in mystery... but three years ago a bunch of fun-minded Western New Yorkers got together, dressed up in Santa gear (as well as elves & reindeer), and went pub crawling en masse to some local watering holes throughout Allentown and had a BLAST!

Along the way we help spread (and drink) some Holiday Cheer. Along with all the fun, we raise money for great local causes. This year's cause is Courage of Carly Fund at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Do I really need to wear a whole Santa outfit?

Yeah! It's a Santa Pub Crawl... If you haven't been in a throng of Santa's, you can't imagine the fun! You don't have to come as Santa or Ms. Claus, but you do need to suit up! Come in full holiday inspired garb.

Hey, I don't have a lot of dough to lay out for a Santa Suit. Do you know where I can get a cheap one?

There is a list of websites and stores on our website to help you plan your ideal outfit! You can also get creative and make your own outfit. We have seen some pretty awesome costumes over the years: reindeer, tinsel, a Christmas tree, and Secret Santa's... to name a few.

Ok, I've got my Santa Suit... Can I invite and bring friends?

Yes! The more the merrier!

What time do we all meet?

We are meeting at 6:30pm at Fat Bob's. Please show up on time, because a large group of Santa's can be surprisingly spry and crafty.

Which bars do we visit?

Check out the bars/map page here.

Can I drink on the streets?

This is just like any other night out with friends. You need to follow all Local, State, Federal, and Natural laws. Sadly a fuzzy red suit and faux white fur do not give you the power to break any of these.

How much money should I bring?

This depends on how much you plan on eating and drinking!

How do you raise money for charity?

For a $20 donation you get a wristband that entitles you to some awesome drink specials at our host establishments.

We do this for fun, not profit (any and all donations go to Courage of Carly Fund)

How long are we at each bar?

We will be at each bar for about 25 minutes... Sometimes we spend a little longer or a little less depending on what's going on.

Do I need to tip the bartenders?

Ummmm... Yeah! That's how these guys and girls make a living. 100% of your donation goes to charity. In exchange for a donation, you get some really good drink discounts! You have to pay for whatever you eat and drink, and tip accordingly. They work very hard to make sure you have a great experience.

Are We Gonna Get Really Rowdy?

This is Allentown, not Chippewa... This is all about having fun and spreading holiday cheer while supporting a great local charity. This is NOT Santarchy, it is a civil pub-crawl.

Can I come to the Buffalo Santa Pub Crawl alone or do I need a group?

Either way is always lots of fun! We have many singles that come. Not only will you meet and interact with others on the crawl, but you will meet people at the bars too.

What should I bring with me?

You don't need much. Make sure to bring your money for your donation to Courage of Carly Fund, money for food and drinks if you choose to have some, a valid ID (cause we're going to bars and you may get proofed), and a camera if you'd like. Don't forget to suit up! Dress to impress in your best Santa or Ms. Claus outfit, bring your best smile, and you should be good to go!